Yep, Hope Hicks is selling Donald Trump out to Robert Mueller

Any time a public figure makes a drunkenly distasteful post on Twitter, or accidentally posts a private photo on Instagram that shouldn’t have seen the light of day, the excuse is always the same: “I was hacked!” The claim almost never stands up to scrutiny. Now we’re learning that Hope Hicks used a similar excuse when it came to not turning over her emails to the House Intel Committee. No one should believe this, but it doesn’t mean what the mainstream media is saying it means.

If you’ve been following the patterns all along, you fully understand that when former Trump legal spokesman Mark Corallo testified to Robert Mueller last month that he had heard Hope Hicks vowing to suppress evidence, it meant Hicks was headed to prison, and that she had suddenly become a prime target for a plea deal. It wasn’t surprising that the Trump-controlled House Intel Committee (led by Trump puppet Devin Nunes) then hauled Hicks in for questioning, in the hope of learning whether she was indeed cutting a plea deal with Robert Mueller. Hicks’ refusal to answer important questions was a sign that she was indeed selling Trump out to Mueller. Then the next day she abruptly resigned, an even stronger sign that she was flipping on Trump.

The mainstream media pieced together all of the above incorrectly, which is their problem. Some of the reporters with the most well-connected of inside sources are the least able to piece together the information their sources give them. So now we have NBC News telling us that Hope Hicks told the House Intel Committee that her emails had indeed been “hacked.” (link). Based on her description of it, there was no hacking. The committee members didn’t even bother to ask any followup questions, such as which foreign enemy might have hacked her, because they obviously didn’t believe her story anyway.

So now we’re at a point where Hope Hicks was so desperate to avoid tipping her hand to the Trump-puppet House Intel Committee, she went with the “I was hacked” excuse for why she couldn’t turn over her emails. There’s a reason the Democrats on the committee didn’t call her out on it, or ask for more detail, or have her arrested for contempt of Congress. They know she’s selling Donald Trump out to Robert Mueller, and they know that she stonewalled the committee so that Devin Nunes couldn’t leak her answers and evidence to Donald Trump. The real story here keeps getting more obvious, and the media still hasn’t figured it out.

Bill Palmer is the publisher of the political news outlet Palmer Report