Everyone piles on after Donald Trump’s corrupt new Secretary of State totally blows it

The thing about the Donald Trump regime is that each time one of Trump’s terrible underlings is ousted, they end up being replaced by someone even worse. Rex Tillerson was nobody’s idea of a good Secretary of State. But we’re already starting to miss him, now that we’re seeing his successor Mike Pompeo in action. This guy doesn’t seem to have a brain at all – and it’s showing.

For instance, on Sunday morning, Mike Pompeo tweeted “40 years ago today, extremists in Iran released 52 American diplomats they held hostage for 444 days.” This would seem like an appropriate message for the Secretary of State to post, if it were true. But if you know modern U.S. history, or even if you know how Google works, you know that the hostages were released thirty-eight years ago. Either Pompeo thinks the hostages were released while Jimmy Carter was still President in 1979, or Pompeo thinks the current year is 2021. The responses weren’t exactly kind.

For instance, former government ethics chief Walter Shaub quickly replied and pointed out that the Americans in question hadn’t even yet been taken hostage forty years ago today, let alone released. Kate Hensler pointed out the obvious: “Scary Sir how completely incompetent this admin is. Seems like the SOS would have somebody who knows how to google.”


Mike Pompeo has been consistently complicit in Donald Trump’s scheming and lies, first as CIA Director, and now as Trump’s second Secretary of State. Considering how eager Pompeo is to help Trump get away with treason, perhaps it’s a good thing that he’s too stupid to know his history, or how basic math works, or how to look things up, or perhaps what the current year is.

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