President-elect Joe Biden has chosen his Secretary of State

On Thursday, President-elect Joe Biden let it be known that he’d chosen his Secretary of the Treasury, without revealing that person’s identity. Now Biden is letting it be known that he’s selected his Secretary of State, again without revealing the person’s identity.

Axios thinks it won’t be Susan Rice. This is interesting, because Secretary of State is a position that requires a unique combination of skillset and experience that not many people have. That potentially leaves someone like Senator Chris Coons, who comes from the very blue state of Delaware and would be reliably replaced by a Democrat, thus not impacting the Democrats’ shot at control of the Senate. If we had to guess, Rice will end up being Biden’s National Security Adviser. But at this point everyone is just guessing.

– Tweet of the day, from ethics watchdog Walter Shaub: “I see a lot of people grumbling at [Joe Biden’s] request for private funding of the transition. All transitions use private funding. They also use public funding. GSA is withholding the public funding. A legal challenge would take time. Lives are at stake now. Private funding is needed.”


– Donald Trump Jr. just “liked” six tweets that confirmed he has coronavirus. I don’t think he understands how any of this works.

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