Secret Service now reportedly involved in criminal probe into Matt Gaetz

Earlier this week federal prosecutors let it be known to the media that Matt Gaetz associate Joel Greenberg is still providing assistance to federal prosecutors in major criminal cases. The implication was that Gaetz is only still free because the Feds are building a massive case against him before indicting him.

Now Tristan Snell, a former official from the New York Attorney General’s office, is saying this: “Update on Matt Gaetz — his buddy Joel Greenberg has had so much dirt that prosecutors have opened up entire new wings of their case. The investigation into financial crimes now includes help from Secret Service agents. There’s something HUGE here.”


This is indeed a big deal. If Secret Service agents witnessed Matt Gaetz committing crimes and are serving as witnesses, it’ll sharply increase the odds that Gaetz is convicted. When the Feds are criminally pursuing someone, they like to try to build as broad of a case as possible – and they like to include easily provable things like financial charges in order to help guarantee a conviction.

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