Secret Service agents lash out at Donald Trump

Secret Service agents sign up for the heroic job of protecting the office of the President of the United States at all costs, even when that cost ends up being their own safety. They know the risks going in. But what happens when the President is a deranged psychopath who negligently and purposely puts the Secret Service at risk, as part of his own deranged game?

In a remarkable development, current Secret Service agents are privately lashing out at Donald Trump over his reckless disregard for their safety, and those conversations are now leaking to the Washington Post. They’re saying that it’s “so obvious” that Trump has “never cared about us.”


This is unprecedented, but it isn’t necessarily surprising. Donald Trump’s lies and intentional negligence caused the coronavirus crisis in the United States to begin with. And then Trump’s decision to hold packed in-person rallies during the pandemic has put the lives of Secret Service agents at direct risk, for no justifiable reason.

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