Secret Service agent confirms Donald Trump will be dragged from White House if he refuses to leave

After Donald Trump floated the notion yesterday that he would refuse to concede the election and refuse to leave the White House when his time is up, the Joe Biden campaign made a quip about him being treated as a trespasser. As it turns out, that was spot on.

Respected White House correspondent Brian Karem just tweeted this quote that he got directly from an unnamed Secret Service agent: “Don’t worry. We know how to deal with squatters.”

That’s right, the Secret Service is flat out saying it’ll drag Donald Trump out of the White House if he refuses to leave once he’s no longer president.


This isn’t a surprise. For quite some time Palmer Report has been pointing out that if Joe Biden won, he’d be inaugurated on the Capitol steps with or without Trump’s consent or participation. At that point Trump would be trespassing in the White House, and the Secret Service would physically remove Trump for the sake of protecting President Joe Biden. Now the Secret Service is confirming as much.

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