Donald Trump just offered a glimpse of how horrifying a second term would be

The election season has collided with impeachment time. The startling lack of movement in Trump’s popularity suggests that it is more important than ever that we are all listening very carefully. Trump is on the way to a likely acquittal in his impeachment trial. The Republican Senate is not honoring its oath for a fair trial based on clear evidence of questionable actions.

Once again, and true to form, a Republican President is speaking about supposed “waste and fraud” in Social Security. Speaking at the World Economic Forum in Davos, Trump told the world that it would be easy to attack these programs and that doing so would allow for more significant economic growth. Poetic words for the fiscal conservatives among us. Providing voters with more cause for fear of a second Trump term, the “entitlement” of Social Security comes out of every paycheck for every American from their first job to their last. Just as the Trump lawyers cannot get him to stop talking and incriminating himself, Trump betrays himself over and over. A secret audio clip recorded at a recent trip to the “southern White House” captured Trump boasting about the size of the deficit.

Does he comprehend that this is not a good thing? We have the best deficit, an incredible deficit… the biggest deficit ever. The world could question why a man who filed for bankruptcy six times, and whose policies created such a record debt, should speak at an economic summit. The last time Trump looked at “waste and fraud,” he cut SNAP benefits for millions of Americans who rely on the supplemental food program. Waste and Fraud?


Americans could undoubtedly question Steve Mnuchin’s refusal to release the expense reports for Donald Trump’s travel spending for himself and his family. Steven Mnuchin and the whole criminal gang don’t want to release these numbers until after the 2020 election. They like their cushy jobs. They hope you aren’t listening.

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