FBI just conducted a second raid against Donald Trump’s former tax attorney

Palmer Report previously reported that Edward Burke’s offices had been raided by the FBI in late November. At that time we didn’t have any conclusive evidence that the raids were connected or related in any way to Burke’s having spent several years serving as “President” Donald Trump’s tax attorney in connection with the Trump Tower Chicago – and we still don’t. But we do have important new information about the raid.

Yesterday the FBI conducted a second raid of the Chicago alderman’s offices after having reportedly confiscated Burke’s phone. Chicago television reporter Carol Marin tweeted on Thursday: “NBC5 confirms new FBI raid of [Alderman] Ed Burke’s Finance Committee at City Hall!”

We still don’t know what is being investigated or what potential trouble Alderman Burke faces, or whether it is related to Trump in any way. Such a followup raid is not usual, and to do so, the FBI would have likely needed a second warrant to conduct the second raid. Burke represented Trump (and many other clients) for years, specializing in property tax assessments and trying to obtain reductions. Burke withdrew his representation of Trump earlier in the year based on “irreconcilable differences.”

As noted, there may be no direct connection to Donald Trump in any of this FBI activity against Burke. But like most news coming out these days, it does not bode well for Trump, because if Burke has serious trouble he is facing, he could trade what he knows about Trump in order to bargain with the prosecutors.