Donald Trump hits the panic button after second major evangelical publication calls for him to be removed from office

When major evangelical publication Christianity Today called for Donald Trump’s removal from office on moral grounds this week, the question was whether this would be an isolated one-off blip, or the start of a trend. Now we’re starting to get our answer, and we’re also getting a sign of just how much of a problem the Trump regime thinks this is.

Over the weekend a second major evangelical publication, Christian Post, ran an op-ed with this headline: “Convict Trump: The Constitution is more important than abortion.” Just to leave no doubt whatsoever about what position it was taking, the op-ed opened with this sentence: “Christians should advocate for President Donald J. Trump’s conviction and removal from office by the Senate.”

These kinds of op-eds, on their own, are unlikely to turn the majority of evangelical voters against Trump. But even if these articles only end up causing Trump’s 2020 vote totals with evangelicals to drop a few percentage points, that could be enough to cost him the election, considering how thoroughly he relied on the evangelical vote in 2016. Trump knows he’s in trouble, too.


The Trump regime just announced an “Evangelicals for Trump” rally in Miami on January 3rd, according to a CBS affiliate. This event is being scheduled during Trump’s do-nothing holiday vacation in Florida, which is an indicator that Trump and his handlers don’t think they can afford to wait until after vacation is over to start trying to salvage the evangelical vote. Trump has a real problem here.

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