Sean Spicer makes unintentionally hilarious typo about Donald Trump firing Rex Tillerson

Donald Trump’s former White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer never was particularly good at the little things. He kept accidentally tweeting his own password. He once wore an American flag pin upside down during a press briefing. He got nearly every world leader’s name wrong. So it’s not shocking that even when he tried to help Trump today by tweeting something positive about the departure of Secretary of State Rex Tillerson, he still got it wrong. What is surprising is just how unintentionally hilarious – and truthful – Spicer’s typo is.

After Trump announced via Twitter this morning that he was firing Tillerson, Spicer quoted the Trump tweet and added his own words. Unfortunately for Spicer, he made one of the most Freudian typos of all time when he wrote “Secretary Tillerson is a true patriot that has severed our nation well.” No, really, that’s what he actually tweeted:

That’s nothing else if not truthful. Donald Trump’s illegitimate and divisive presidency, and his hiring of the unsuitable Rex Tillerson, who has gone on to largely dismantle the State Department, have indeed done plenty to sever the nation. Amazingly, Sean Spicer never did delete the “severed” tweet, instead merely tacking on later that he had meant “served” instead.

We weren’t among them, but there were those who believed that Sean Spicer’s endless series of strange errors while on the job were actually a cry for help. Some have suggested that he put his password out there because he wanted his communications with Donald Trump to be hacked, and that he wore the flag pin upside down to acknowledge that he was indeed lying on Trump’s behalf. Those who have subscribed to this theory are now going to conclude that Spicer purposely tweeted the word “severed” today as a way of speaking the truth. Either way, this is just hilarious.

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