Donald Trump calls in to Sean Hannity show and has completely bonkers meltdown

At the end of his most explosively scandal-ridden day in office yet, Donald Trump decided that the best way to fix things would be to call in to the Sean Hannity show on Fox News. Of course this is the one environment where the infantile Trump has no adult babysitter, so he naturally used the occasion to go completely bonkers.

Trump spent a long time going back and forth about whether or not he expects Bob Woodward’s book to be “good” or “bad,” as if that had anything to do with the scandal at hand. Trump then tried to deflect from his own taped coronavirus confession by launching into a bizarre conspiracy theory about Joe Biden’s press conferences.

In Trump’s broken and hallucinatory mind, every major news outlet (apparently including Fox News) is now apparently conspiring to give Joe Biden the press conference questions in advance. Even more bizarrely, Trump thinks that Biden is reading prepared answers to reporters’ questions off a teleprompter – and somehow no one at any of these events has caught on. Trump then began attacking Fox News pollsters, prompting Hannity to jump in and defend them, making for a particularly awkward moment.

This is one of the most laughably ridiculous things that Donald Trump has said yet, which is saying something. By launching into mentally deranged hallucinations about Biden, Trump is giving away that he has absolutely no strategy and no clue how to fend off the Woodward tapes.

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