Did Michael Cohen just confirm that Sean Hannity is under criminal investigation?

At one point during his public House Oversight Committee testimony today, Michael Cohen was asked if he’d be willing to turn over the tapes he made of his conversations with his legal clients. Cohen agreed. Then he got chewed out by the Republicans on the committee, who accused him of being willing to violate attorney-client privilege. This was a nonsensical argument, but it was what Cohen said next that’s raising a whole lot of eyebrows in the direction of Sean Hannity.

Michael Cohen said that he’d be willing to turn over the tapes to Congress because they’re already in the hands of several prosecutors anyway. This is when the Republicans began hammering him for being willing to expose his private discussions with his other clients. Cohen only has a tiny number of clients, and he fired back accordingly: “The other one is also subject to an ongoing investigation.”

Michael Cohen’s only known clients are Donald Trump, former RNC bigwig Elliott Broidy, and Fox News host Sean Hannity. To that end, there’s been some debate as to whether Broidy even counts as a client. So did Cohen just confirm that Broidy is under criminal investigation, or did he just confirm that Sean Hannity is under criminal investigation?

For reference, Sean Hannity has previously stated that he asked Michael Cohen for legal advice regarding real estate ventures. Hannity has also admitted on-air that he was in communication with Paul Manafort during the timeframe in which Manafort was under FISA surveillance.

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