Sean Hannity implodes

Sean Hannity has spent the past four years using his Fox News show to amplify Donald Trump’s propaganda and lies, and to make up phony scandals about Trump’s adversaries. Tonight was Hannity’s final show with Trump in office, and let’s just say that it’s hitting him hard.

Hannity spent a chunk of his show attacking Mitch McConnell of all people, calling for McConnell to step down as the Republican leader in the Senate, all because McConnell dared to publicly admit today that Trump incited the January 6th insurrection. That’s right, Hannity is using his final moments of relevance to attack Republicans.

Hannity also used a portion of his show tonight to push old and tired phony conspiracy theories about Hillary Clinton, which is laughable because at this point no one cares. It’s clear that Hannity simply has nowhere else to go with his narrative now that Trump is finished, and Hannity is imploding accordingly.

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