Sean Hannity goes off the deep end after President Biden hits it out of the park

President Joe Biden signed the groundbreaking COVID relief bill into law on Thursday, then addressed the nation in primetime, all while moving up the vaccination timeline. Biden had one of his best days, and most Americans are on board with him. This clearly doesn’t work for Sean Hannity.

After President Biden’s address, Hannity used his Fox News show to demand that Biden call Donald Trump and “thank him” for… well, no one really knows. Trump spent the entire pandemic negligently, dishonestly, corruptly, and in some instances psychotically getting as many Americans killed as possible. His “Operation Warp Speed” was largely a boondoggle. And he put absolutely no plan of action in place for rolling out the COVID vaccine. Biden had to do all the work.


But facts never do seem to get in the way of Sean Hannity’s narratives. Fortunately for the good of the public discourse, Hannity’s ratings are down since the election, meaning fewer people are being led astray by his Trump-worshipping propaganda. Hannity clearly seems to be upset by his own worsening irrelevance, as evidenced by how hard he’s taking it that Biden is accurately getting credit for the work that Biden has done.

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