Donald Trump goes on the Sean Hannity show and completely embarrasses himself

Because Donald Trump hasn’t been making a big enough mess of things with his lack of constructive leadership and his disastrous daily press conferences, he decided to go on the Sean Hannity show tonight on Fox News. Suffice it to say that it was a debacle.

Trump insisted on the Hannity show tonight that places like New York simply don’t need the amount of medical equipment and supplies that they’ve been seeking. This is nothing short of stunning. All you have to do is turn on the television (to any news channel but Fox) and you’ll see footage of American hospitals trying to figure out how to hook up multiple patients to the same ventilator, in the hope of somehow keeping them all alive.

Yet Donald Trump has the nerve to claim that he’s justified in sitting on the majority of the federal government’s ventilator supply, because he thinks he knows better than the medical professionals in the hospitals. We’ve reached the point where Trump is committing negligent homicide.

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