Sean Hannity caught admitting that Donald Trump is a total disaster

Sean Hannity has long had a reputation for being one of Donald Trump’s staunchest allies – to the degree that he’s all but become an honorary White House staffer, giving Trump the damage control he desperately needs after going off the rails during a television press conference.

However, it’s become more and more difficult for Hannity to run to Trump’s rescue lately, as his outbursts have become both more frequent and more demented – and it’s gotten to the point where interviewing Trump has actually worked against him, forcing him to admit that he has no concrete plans for a second term if re-elected. Now we may be about to see things between Trump and Hannity get a bit more interesting.

According to an upcoming book, Hannity’s opinion of Trump isn’t exactly as high as he pretends it is during his nightly cable show – and he’s more than once told his staffers off the record that Trump’s crazy and defending Trump’s reckless policies led to him to gain weight and develop a vaping habit. In some ways, this makes Hannity even worse as a person, as he’s made the pandemic worse by downplaying COVID and demonizing citizens who stood up for the rule of law, fully knowing it was wrong.

What’s surprising is that this is leaking at all, meaning there may be a whole lot more revelations coming soon about what’s going behind the scenes at Fox News, and why Donald Trump has been lashing out against it more than ever. It’s not hard to see this all boiling over soon, with pundits fighting out in the open as Trump blames them for failing to prop him up.

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