SDNY has a new strategy for taking down Donald Trump’s kids

Yesterday we got a big peek at how federal prosecutors for the Southern District of New York are pursuing Donald Trump’s crimes in order to take down him and everyone in his orbit. Today we’re getting another big peek behind the SDNY curtain, and suffice it to say that it’s particularly bad news for Trump’s kids.

Last night’s revelation, that SNDY had subpoenaed the financial records from the Trump inauguration committee, had some indirect ties to Donald Trump’s kids. But this new revelation from CNN today, that the SDNY has subpoenaed top Trump Organization employees to testify in a criminal investigation, is all about Trump’s kids.

You don’t go after a company in this manner unless your real target is the people running it. The Trump Organization barely exists outside of the Trump family. Its only real executives are Donald Trump, Donald Trump Jr, Ivanka Trump, Eric Trump, and Chief Financial Officer Allen Weisselberg. The SDNY already gave Weisselberg immunity months ago in exchange for his cooperation, so he’s clearly not the target. That leaves only four targets in the probe, and they’re all named “Trump.”

So now what? Weisselberg has worked for Donald Trump for several decades, but even he ended up caving and cooperating once he realized he was in danger of going down for the Trump family’s crimes. This suggests that some or all of the other Trump Organization people being subpoenaed will quickly cave as well, if they haven’t already. It’s becoming increasingly clear that SDNY is going to indict Trump’s kids so Mueller can use it as leverage to force Trump out of office.