SDNY closes in on Rudy Giuliani

In early 2020, one news report after another made clear that the Feds at the SDNY had an active criminal investigation going against Rudy Giuliani, going so far as to dig through his international financial deals. But he never did get arrested. It was never clear if Trump’s allies had managed to delay the probe, or if the SDNY was holding off for strategic reasons.

Either way, with the Trump regime in freefall and soon headed out the door, the SDNY is now ramping up its probe into Giuliani. NBC News says that SDNY is on the verge of going after Giuliani’s electronic communications. This is important because, if they feel confident about being able to get a judge to sign off on such an invasive warrant, it means they already have damning evidence of Giuliani’s guilt to convince the judge.

So why is this happening now? Given the timing, it appears that the SDNY is planning to indict and arrest Rudy Giuliani shortly after Donald Trump is gone from office. The SDNY is part of the DOJ and brings federal charges, and Trump is surely going to try to preemptively pardon Giuliani on his way out the door. But since the SNDY hasn’t revealed what the charges are even going to be, Trump could have a difficult time guessing correctly with the pardon, or it could end up being overly broad and legally flimsy.


In any case, even if Trump does successfully pardon Giuliani on whatever the Feds at the SDNY are investigating him for, SNDY can then hand the case over to New York State, which can then bring state charges. One way or the other, Rudy Giuliani is going to prison – and now it sounds like that may be happening sooner rather than later.

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