Donald Trump screws up and admits Joe Biden is about to become President

Several days ago, Donald Trump came this close to saying something about the “Biden administration” during a press conference, but just barely caught himself and refrained from actually admitting that Joe Biden won the election and will be the next President. Now Trump has indeed admitted it.

Late on Saturday night, Donald Trump tweeted “They never thought a Vaccine could be done so soon but don’t worry, they will try to give the credit to Biden!” It doesn’t take much to parse this: Trump just admitted that Biden is about to become President. Otherwise he wouldn’t be talking about Biden getting credit for something that’s about to happen. Oops.

It’s a reminder that Donald Trump can’t simultaneously claim he’s somehow magically going to remain in office and attack the Biden administration, because attacking the Biden administration means acknowledging that the Biden administration is going to exist. Trump has to pick one or the other, and he no longer seems to be able to keep his story straight.

– The most recent tweet from GSA Administrator Emily Murphy now has just 900 likes and more than 46,000 negative replies – making for one of the most humiliating ratios of all time.

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