Fiona Hill told the Trump White House to go screw itself before her testimony today

Earlier this evening we learned, courtesy of Democratic Congressman Denny Heck’s impromptu press conference, that former Trump White House official Fiona Hill delivered devastating testimony against Donald Trump today. The thing is, because the testimony of related witnesses is still pending, most of the details of what she said aren’t going to come out just yet. That said, one detail about her testimony did just surface, and it’s a game changer.

The Trump White House told Fiona Hill that while she was allowed to show up and testify to the House impeachment inquiry today, she wasn’t allowed to discuss a number of topics, due to executive privilege. But according to NBC News, Hill told the Trump regime that because no such privilege applies when a suspected crime is involved, she was going to go ahead and tell the impeachment inquiry everything.


This helps explain why Congressman Heck publicly signaled this evening that Fiona Hill’s testimony was so devastating to Donald Trump. She’s done what other former Trump administration officials like Don McGahn have been afraid to do: she told the Trump White House to go screw itself on executive privilege, and she ended up telling the House impeachment inquiry everything.

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