Rick Gates makes his plea deal official, and Donald Trump’s people are scrambling

Just last night many political pundits suggested that the LA Times had it wrong last week when stating that Rick Gates would be cooperating with Bob Mueller on tax evasion and money-laundering charges. Apparently the announcement yesterday of 32 new charges against Gates and Manafort made them think Gates was wavering.

Turns out the pundits have it wrong, however, as MSNBC and others are now reporting that Gates will, in fact, plead guilty to conspiracy against the U.S. and, amazingly, lying at his early February proffer meeting with the Special Counsel!

No, this isn’t directly related to the Trump campaign. But clearly Mr. Mueller aims to flip Paul Manafort with information Mr. Gates can provide so he can go after the biggest target of all, Donald Trump.

Of course the Administration continues to say ‘These charges ultimately have nothing to do with us.’ And that’s ok because while Trump and his goons continue to play Hungry Hungry Hippos and lash out at Clinton/Obama and pander to the NRA, Bob Mueller and his staff are in their war room playing 4-dimensional chess. Stay tuned for even more crazy revelations on these issues and more as the day progresses. It is, after all, another “News Dump” Friday.

Scotty is the proud dad of one son, a political writer, business owner, pianist, & baseball coach from NW Pennsylvania