White House scrambles after circumstances of Melania Trump’s disappearance become even more alarming

Three weeks after Melania Trump mysteriously disappeared, there are those who still think she’s merely taking some personal time in isolation, and there’s nothing to be alarmed about. Their logic has been that, once the next major world-stage events arrive on the presidential schedule, Melania will reemerge and begin dutifully attending them. Based on today’s latest development, it may be time to begin listening to those who think something is alarmingly and dangerously wrong here.

No one was particularly surprised that Melania Trump didn’t surface for this weekend’s Trump family retreat at Camp David. But now the White House is being forced to admit to the media that Melania will not be attending the G7 Summit or the North Korea meeting this month. So what’s their explanation? None. They don’t have one. For all their scrambling to cover for her disappearance, they weren’t able to come up with any plausible explanation for why Melania won’t be at these two major events, so they’re no longer even trying to float an excuse.

Remarkably, even Melania’s official spokesperson Steph Grisham has gone quiet on Twitter. After a juvenile and hostile tweet appeared on Melania Trump’s account, Grisham made a point of retweeting it on Wednesday, while adding “Straight from FLOTUS!” But then Donald Trump unwittingly gave away that he wrote the Melania tweet in question, when he recycled the same verbiage into one of his own tweets about an unrelated matter the next morning. Since that time, Grisham hasn’t tweeted anything.

So where is Melania Trump, and why has she disappeared? We still don’t have answers to either of those questions. Donald Trump and the White House have spent the past three weeks actively trying to mislead us at every turn, which automatically makes it a scandal, and makes it our business. In any case, they’ve had to admit today that her vanishing act will continue for at least another week or two. It’s quite alarming when they’re already acknowledging that they know she won’t surface by mid-June. Update: Now the White House says Melania will surface tomorrow at a Gold Star event at the White House. We’ll see.

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