Scott Walker has been defeated. Is he about to be indicted?

Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker just lost his bid for reelection, meaning his political career is over. But his bad month could end up getting worse for him, now that the Trump-Russia investigation is finally coming to a head, meaning everyone’s secrets are about to come out. Thanks to a criminal indictment and Walker’s own subsequent admission, he’s right in the thick of the scandal.

When Russian political operative Maria Butina was arrested, social media users began digging up selfies she’d taken with various Republican politicians. One of them was Scott Walker, but this didn’t prove anything. Then the indictment of Butina later surfaced and included the allegation that she’d met with at least one Republican politician during the 2016 election cycle, setting off increased speculation about that person’s identity. When Walker’s spokesman was asked if the person in the indictment was Walker, he refused to deny it. Then Walker admitted that he did in fact meet with Butina during the election cycle.

So while we don’t yet know if Scott Walker is referenced in the Butina indictment, we do now know that he met with Butina during the 2016 election. We also know that the Feds are investigating every inch of Butina’s life, and have been doing so for some time. They raided her house back in April, meaning they have her electronic communications. It’s also clear that the Feds are following the money trail from the Kremlin to the NRA to the Republican Party. This is where an older tidbit about Walker and the Kremlin suddenly comes back in to play.

Back in 2017, Palmer Report pointed out that Scott Walker took a technically legal, yet still highly suspicious, million dollar donation from a Kremlin oligarch with dual U.S. citizenship – and then Donald Trump shockingly won the Walker-controlled state of Wisconsin. When you put this in the context of Walker meeting with a Kremlin operative who appeared to be facilitating a money trail from Russia through the NRA to the Republican Party… well, let’s just say that Walker has some explaining to do. For that matter, it’s a good bet that the Feds are already investigating whatever went on here.