Adam Schiff: Michael Flynn has given up far more than Donald Trump knows about

Tonight, Robert Mueller threw the book right past Michael Flynn, and hit Donald Trump instead. We don’t know what all is in those redacted portions of the sentencing memo, but it was enough for Mueller to give Flynn a free pass for his serious crimes. So just how much trouble is Trump in? Let’s ask former prosecutor and incoming House Intel Committee Chairman Adam Schiff.

Adam Schiff, who chooses his words carefully, posted this response on Twitter tonight: “The recommendation of no jail time for Flynn, apart from its obvious irony for the man who led chants of ‘lock her up,’ reflects both the timeliness and significance of his help. That most of the details are redacted signals he has given far more than we or the President may know.”

In other words, not only has Robert Mueller hit Donald Trump hard tonight, Trump doesn’t even have any way of knowing what just hit him. By leaving most of the memo redacted, Mueller has ensured that Trump’s flunkies like Matthew “Scam Toilet” Whitaker can’t find out what Mueller is sitting on, and thus can’t go running to Trump with it.

The real kicker is that Robert Mueller is set to file sentencing recommendations on Friday for his favorite cooperator Micheal Cohen, and his favorite punching bag, Paul Manafort. The expectation is that this time, Mueller will indeed include incriminating evidence against Donald Trump. By Friday, we expect Trump will be trying to hide under his desk.