Adam Schiff reveals his backdoor strategy to take Donald Trump down

Even as Jerry Nadler and the House Judiciary Committee line up the likes of Robert Mueller and Don McGahn to publicly testify about Donald Trump’s various crimes and scandals, Adam Schiff and the House Intelligence Committee are approaching Trump’s malfeasances from a different angle. Schiff just revealed one of the key pieces of his strategy to nail Trump.

Two months ago we all learned that members of Donald Trump’s criminal defense team โ€“ led by attorney Jay Sekulow โ€“ instructed Michael Cohen to make false statements under oath to Congress. This has raised questions about whether the team committed crimes like witness tampering and obstruction of justice. Worse, Sekulow allegedly ran it all past Trump, who was pleased with the scheme. Trump’s corrupt Attorney General William Barr is going to make sure Sekulow isn’t criminally prosecuted, for now at least. But Trump and Barr will be gone eventually, and Sekulow could be looking at prison time once that happens.

Adam Schiff revealed last night that he’s about to drop the hammer on Trump’s legal team over this. It’s not difficult to see where this is headed. Schiff is going to try to scare Sekulow into flipping on Trump in order to protect himself. Sekulow can testify that Trump instructed him to instruct Michael Cohen to lie to Congress, which would nail Trump for witness tampering and obstruction.

This doesn’t mean Jay Sekulow or anyone else on Donald Trump’s legal team will flip. But they’ll at least have to think about it โ€“ and they surely know by now that Trump isn’t really going to pardon anyone on his team. Whereas Michael Cohen flipped on Trump and still went to prison for three years due to the sheer number of crimes he committed, someone like Sekulow could probably get a free pass if he flips on Trump. Stay tuned.

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