The real reason Donald Trump is scared of Stormy Daniels

What is motivating President Donald Trump and his fixer/lawyer Michael Cohen to be so aggressive in trying to silence Stormy Daniels? For a man who uses Twitter to push back against any perceived slight, the silence from Trump has been deafening. Yet the $130,000 nondisclosure payout shortly before the 2016 election, the threats of physical harm and a potential $20 million fine in federal court indicate Trump has plenty to hide.

I previously suggested that Trump’s prenuptial agreement might not cover proven infidelity, which would swell the potential monetary award Melania is entitled to in potential divorce proceedings. However, something else might be motivating Trump. He has spent decades cultivating an image of being a swashbuckling manly man who beds and pleases beautiful women.

When Senator Marco Rubio (R-Fla.) questioned Trump’s hand size – and by implication penis size – during the Republican presidential primary, Trump was furious. He refuted the claim soon after from a presidential primary debate stage in an obvious display of overcompensation. In Harry Hunt III’s book Lost Tycoon: The Many Lives of Donald J. Trump, an explosive allegation was made that Trump raped his first wife Ivana. However, also contained in that book, as Politico pointed out in a roundtable discussion with Trump’s many biographers, “Ivana confided to female friends that Donald had difficulty achieving and maintaining an erection.”

The affair with Stormy Daniels happened around the time Donald Trump was turning 60, so nobody would be surprised if Trump was frequently using Viagra. A host of unflattering tidbits could make that embarrassing revelation look like child’s play, and since Trump acts like an emotionally stunted child, that is something he simply can’t handle.

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