Wait, John Kelly did what?

Over the past few months, we’ve learned that Donald Trump’s new White House Chief of Staff John Kelly is a blatant racist. Over the past few days, we’ve learned that he’s also some kind of scheming sociopath who will sink to any depths to cover for his scummiest of employees. He knew that White House aide Rob Porter had been accused of physical violence by two ex-wives, and that a judge had granted a restraining order against Porter. Instead of doing the right thing, Kelly launched a bizarre scheme to try to protect Porter.

Just before the Porter news broke publicly, Kelly and his goons began asking people to write generic statements of support for Porter. They spread the word that Corey Lewandowski was supposedly behind the accusations, because he was jealous that Porter is now dating Lewandowski’s ex-girlfriend Hope Hicks. They tricked Senator Orrin Hatch into writing a statement supporting Porter; after Hatch learned the real story, he put out a statement condemning the entire mess (link). They tricked Hope Hicks into putting out a statement defending Porter (link). The entire thing is an evil mess, and it has Kelly’s fingerprints all over it.

This has become such an ugly scandal and coverup for John Kelly, some members of Congress are demanding his resignation. Why would he and his goons go to such demented lengths to protect Porter? Was Kelly just that afraid it would come out that he knew of Porter’s past all along? Does this guy have dirt on Kelly? What’s going on here?

It gets even worse for Donald Trump, because now it’s on him to prove that he didn’t know about any of this. Are we really supposed to believe that John Kelly went to lengths this evil to protect a White House aide, and didn’t stop to get Trump’s approval first? What did the illegitimate president know, and when did he know it?

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