Donald Trump goes off the deep end as his Mexico tariff scam falls apart

Donald Trump thought he could pull a fast one on Americans. He got Mexico to secretly agree to a sham immigration deal which didn’t require Mexico to do a single thing it wasn’t already doing. Then he threatened ludicrous tariffs if Mexico didn’t give him something. Then he unveiled the prearranged sham deal and claimed that it meant he’d won.

Predictably, everyone outside Trump’s idiot base rolled their eyes and laughed at this two-bit con artistry. Even after Republican leaders in Congress tried to help give Trump’s scam credibility by congratulating him for the laugh-out-loud phony victory, the media was busy confirming what normal Americans already instinctively knew: the whole thing was a fraud. This sent Trump off the deep end.

Trump posted a long and rambling multi-part tweet today in which he claimed that Mexico has also agreed to other unspecified concessions that were somehow “not mentioned” in the press release that the Trump regime sent out about the deal. Trump seemed so unsure in his ability to sell this load of crap, he changed course mid-sentence and claimed that there was only “one [concession] in particular” – while still declining to say what it supposedly is.


But really, most of Donald Trump’s deep-end rant was aimed at the news outlets that helped expose his tariff scam: “The Failing NY Times, & ratings challenged CNN, will do anything possible to see our Country fail! They are truly The Enemy of the People!” Tellingly, this came just minutes after Trump demanded that his supporters had an absolute right to “freedom of speech” on Twitter, even if they were violating Twitter’s rules in the process. Of course when you’ve shoveling this kind of crap to crap addicts, none of it has to make sense.

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