Now we know how Saudi Arabia bought off Donald Trump

Even long before the murder of Jamal Khashoggi, it was clear that the royal family of Saudi Arabia had personally bought off Donald Trump. There was no other explanation for Trump’s personal allegiance, including his misuse of the U.S. military to support Saudi Arabia’s de facto invasion of Yemen. The only question has been how the Saudis were getting the money to Trump. Now we have a big piece of that answer.

Shortly after the 2016 election, Saudi-funded lobbyists began mysteriously booking rooms at Donald Trump’s Washington DC hotel – a lot of rooms. According to the Washington Post tonight, the Saudis were almost inexplicably paying for U.S. military veterans to live in Trump’s hotel as de facto residents for nearly three months. The only possible reason for this bizarre scheme: to funnel money from Saudi Arabia into Donald Trump’s pocket, while hiding behind unwitting veterans so no one would catch on. But this is just part of it.

This scheme only put $270,000 in revenue into the Trump International Hotel in DC. Even for a cash-poor two bit con artist like Donald Trump, that’s not nearly enough of a bribe to buy him off on such a large scale. But now that we know Saudi Arabia was using a scheme like this one to funnel money to Trump, it stands to reason that this was just one of a whole bunch of similar schemes.

The timing works out well here, because just this week, a judge gave the Attorneys General for Washington DC and Maryland the go-ahead to send subpoenas flying in the long running Emoluments Clause case. This suit should expose any additional such schemes that Saudi Arabia and Donald Trump may have been running through his DC hotel. Follow the money.