Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia outs Jared Kushner as his puppet

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As Congressional Representative Ted Lieu asks in a tweet every day, “Why does Jared Kushner still have a security clearance?” That question, while asked by so many and so often, still does not have a valid answer other than straight up nepotism. Before losing his Top Secret level security clearance last month, Kushner was one of the people who reviewed Donald Trump’s daily intel briefing every morning, despite the fact that Trump prefers to get his “intel” from Fox News. It’s been reported that Kushner also requested more top secret reports than other members of the White House staff (link). Now why would someone tasked with creating peace in the Middle East need such a wide ranging profile of Top Secret information?

Even after a report that at least four nations that Kushner has personally met with have discussed exploiting him, he still holds a reduced security clearance. Mexico, Israel, China, and the United Arab Emirates were picked up by US intelligence discussing the fact they were secretly using Kushner for information (link). As Vice President Joe Biden was once heard saying, this is a big f***ing deal! The fact that countries could use promises of money or financing deals to receive information from Kushner is really frightening.

It has now come out that the Saudi Crown Prince bragged that he had Kushner “in his pocket” (link). This could explain Kushner’s secret unannounced trip to Saudi Arabia last October. As Kushner and his family constantly search for investors for their failing property at 666 Fifth Avenue, it becomes more and more evident that they will do anything to find a source of money to pay off the massive debt they owe.

It also becomes more apparent every day why nepotism laws are so important and why they should not be violated, especially by those in the highest positions in the United States government. While we know that Special Counsel Robert Mueller has been investigating Jared Kushner on various criminal matters, we should be thankful that anyone selling America’s secrets for cash will face proper prosecution.

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