Donald Trump is having a really bad Saturday

Donald Trump has been having a rough go of it ever since the redacted Mueller report surfaced and revealed that Trump has indeed been on a crime spree, contrary to the claims of his own Attorney General. Since that time impeachment buzz has heated up, Trump’s 2020 poll numbers have gone off a cliff, and Trump’s psychological state has become particularly untenable. When it comes to that last part, you just have to ask him.

Donald Trump usually does less tweeting on a Saturday than any other day of the week. But today, in a sign of just how frazzled he’s become over everything that’s going wrong for him, Trump has been foaming at the mouth worse than ever. He’s posted dozens of tweets and retweets, each more frantic than the last, seemingly aimed at convincing himself that the mounting negative news for him somehow isn’t really happening.

For instance, Trump has tweeted twice today about his approval rating somehow being in the fifties, at a time when major polls say he’s currently on track to only get around 41% of the vote in the 2020 election. Trump is also delusionally trying to convince himself that he’s responsible for the Obama economy. And he’s picking arbitrary one-sided fights with people like John Dean and the Mayor of London, presumably just to take out his frustrations.

Donald Trump traditionally spends his Saturdays golfing, which seems to be the only time he enjoys himself enough that he doesn’t feel compelled to rant online. These days even that little sliver of peace of mind seems to be gone for him. For all his protestations about how great things are going for him, Trump is protesting too much.

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