Sarah Huckabee Sanders finds a whole new way to humiliate herself

Sarah Huckabee Sanders resigned as Donald Trump’s White House Press Secretary last month, providing no explanation for why she was bailing on the administration, and ended up moving back to Arkansas. Of the many bottom-feeders who have bailed on Trump since he took office, some of them have since come around and started to make sense and tell the truth, while others have had the sense to simply disappear. Unfortunately for Sanders, she’s just as much of a mess as ever.

This week Special Counsel Robert Mueller publicly testified about his investigation into Donald Trump’s crimes. Sarah Huckabee Sanders had a personal vested interest in this, as the Mueller probe forced her to admit that she lied to the public in order to protect Trump from his criminal scandals. It turns out Sanders had something to say about Mueller’s testimony.

Sarah Sanders tweeted this after Robert Mueller testified: “Didn’t take long for Mueller to once again vindicate President Donald Trump. No collusion. No obstruction. And now Mueller all but admits it was all along a total witch hunt.” This was pretty hilarious, considering that Mueller specifically stated in his public testimony that his report did not exonerate Trump, and that Trump can be indicted after he gets out of office. Mueller also stated that his investigation was not a “witch hunt.”

Suffice it to say that the responses to Sarah Huckabee Sanders aren’t kind. Her tweet received six times as many comments as retweets, and the vast majority of the comments were negative. Pulling off that kind of negative ratio on Twitter is a rare and impressive feat. It’s clear that Sanders is as intent on humiliating herself as ever.

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