Looks like Sarah Huckabee Sanders is going to prison

Earlier today we learned that Special Counsel Robert Mueller has proof that Donald Trump’s oldest friend Roger Stone conspired with Russian government hackers and WikiLeaks during the 2016 election, meaning Stone is going down for treason or its peacetime equivalent. Now we’re learning that another member of Trump’s inner circle is in deep trouble in her own right.

Robert Mueller’s team has now interviewed White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders. More to the point, according to CNN, Mueller has specifically interviewed her about statements she made from the podium with regard to Donald Trump and his Russia scandal. Why does this matter?

Based on this description, it’s fairly clear that Mueller is attempting to nail Trump for using Sanders as a mouthpiece for committing obstruction of justice. If Trump was conspiring with Sanders to commit felony obstruction of justice, then it means Sanders was also participating in a felony conspiracy. Palmer Report first pointed out in September of 2017 that Sanders was going to eventually face serious legal trouble for her podium antics, and now the day is finally arriving. But it gets much worse for her.

If you’ve watched Sarah Huckabee Sanders during her press briefings, or any other time she’s ever spoken, two things have become clear. First, she’s almost derangedly loyal to Donald Trump. Second, she lies constantly. She lies so pathologically, she even lies when the truth would serve her better. Does anyone really think she made it through an interview with Robert Mueller’s team without committing at least one instance of provable perjury?

It’s much quicker and easier to convict someone for perjury than it is for something like obstruction. In fact the inclusion of perjury charges is typically what prompts people in an investigation like this to give up and cut a plea deal. Of course we don’t think Sarah Huckabee Sanders will necessarily cut a deal against Trump. But if she doesn’t, she’s going to prison.