Democrats throw down the gauntlet on Trump-Russia sanctions

Months ago, the Democrats and Republicans in Congress came together to pass a tougher sanctions bill against Russia, in bipartisan and nearly unanimous fashion. Donald Trump signed it into law because he had no choice. Then he recently announced that he’s simply going to refuse to implement them, because as we all know, his real boss is Vladimir Putin. The Republican majority in Congress is refusing to do anything about this, but the Democrats are throwing down the gauntlet.

As Palmer Report has previously explained, the mainstream media doesn’t care to make Trump’s sanctions debacle into a story because it’s not ratings-friendly. Even when the Democrats have tried making a big deal out of it, the media has simply given no attention to their words. So yesterday, the Democrats tried a novel approach.

The heads of various U.S. intel agencies were called to testify in public yesterday before the Senate Judiciary Committee. These agencies, such as the FBI and CIA, don’t really have anything to do with Trump’s refusal to implement the legally mandated sanctions against Russia. But these hearings were partially about Russian election hacking. So since this was about the Trump-Russia scandal, Democrats on the committee like Senator Kamala Harris used it as an opportunity to push the sanctions scandal to the forefront.

Because the cameras were rolling, everyone who was watching got to hear from the Democrats about how Donald Trump is illegally refusing to implement tougher sanctions against Russia. In so doing, they’ve forced it to be an issue. Since the Democrats are still in the minority in Congress, they can’t take official action against Trump over the sanctions debacle. But they threw down the gauntlet on live national television yesterday, which is a start. If the Resistance does its job and the Democrats take the majority in November, they can move against Trump over sanctions – and all his other crimes – immediately.

Bill Palmer is the publisher of the political news outlet Palmer Report