Donald Trump regime caught sabotaging Bahamas post-hurricane evacuation

Donald Trump has spent most of his time this past week trying to cover up, in increasingly ludicrous fashion, his mistaken assertion that Hurricane Dorian would hit Alabama. Somewhere in there, he did manage to tweet a vague promise to help the Bahamas, which actually was hit hard by the hurricane, in devastating fashion. But now it turns out Trump is sabotaging the Bahamas post-hurricane evacuation process.

By all accounts, some regions of the Bahamas have been utterly decimated, to the point that the survivors have nowhere to go. Some of them are trying to come to the United States, where they’ve never had any trouble getting in. But it turns out the Trump regime is trying to sabotage that process.

On Sunday night, reporter Brian Entin of local Miami television station WSVN posted this tweet: “Big problems on the ferry from Freeport to Florida — announcement just made that any Bahamian without a visa must now get off. This is not normal. Normally Bahamians can travel to USA with passport and a printout of their police record. This is a mess.”

It’s not difficult to figure out what’s going on here. Despite a promise to help, Donald Trump’s racist, xenophobic, anti-immigrant regime is once again trying to keep people from getting into the United States who have committed the crime of not being white.

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