Donald Trump just gave away that he’s more of a Russian puppet than ever

How painfully obvious is it that Russia is behind the massive hack of several U.S. federal government agencies? Even Donald Trump’s Secretary of State Mike Pompeo publicly admitted as much yesterday. But Trump is still sticking to the script that Vladimir Putin has given him.

CNN is now reporting that the White House was planning to release a statement confirming that Russia was behind the attack, but Donald Trump blocked it from being released. Instead Trump tweeted a bizarre rant today, insisting that the attack is overblown, suggesting that China may have been behind it instead, and claiming that this is all somehow proof that he secretly won the election.


This tweet from Donald Trump is tantamount to treason. He’s criminally conspiring with Russia in its cyberterrorist attack against the United States, and he’s doing it in plain sight. Nothing less than life in prison will be acceptable when it comes to Trump’s fate.

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