Head of Russian GRU dies suspiciously

As Donald Trump’s Russia scandal has gradually unraveled over the past two years, one of the most alarming โ€“ and underreported โ€“ aspects of the scandal has been that prominent Russians have kept dropping dead. Now, just as Special Counsel Robert Mueller is poised to blow the whole thing wide open, the head of the Kremlin’s military intel arm has suspiciously died.

Igor Korobov, the head of the Russian GRU, died tonight after what the Kremlin is describing as a “long and serious illness.” Okay, so be it โ€“ until we get to the part where Korobov supposedly began feeling unwell two months ago, right after he received a “severe reprimand” from Vladimir Putin. We’re supposed to believe the guy took his reprimand so hard, he became terminally ill over it? Come on. It sounds a whole lot like Putin began poisoning him in September, and finally finished him off today.

That might be an unfair accusation to make, if not for the fact that Vladimir Putin has a long history of murdering people. Not only has Putin killed a number of journalists and political dissidents, he’s also killed off a number of his own people who have become liabilities. More specifically, he’s been killing off people who have had ties to the Trump-Russia investigation.

So the big question here is whether Igor Korobov had become a liability in the Trump-Russia scandal, or he had simply become a liability for Putin, period. It’s worth noting that alleged Russian spy Maria Butina is reportedly working on a plea deal with U.S. federal prosecutors, which would presumably include giving up her contacts in the Russian GRU. Is this latest prominent and suspicious Russian death just a coincidence? Stay tuned.