Trump regime sets up last ditch meeting with the Russians one day before Robert Mueller’s testimony

Donald Trump can yell and whine all he wants about Robert Mueller’s upcoming public testimony before the House Judiciary Committee, but there is literally nothing that Trump can do to stop it from happening. Instead it appears he’s running to the Kremlin for help with some counter programming. Mueller’s testimony is tentatively set for May 15th. So naturally, the Trump regime has set up a last ditch meeting with the Russians for the day before.

In a development that’s equal parts stunning and predictable, Donald Trump’s Secretary of State Mike Pompeo announced today that he’s blowing up an upcoming meeting with Angela Merkel in Germany, citing nonsense reasons. Meanwhile, Kremlin-controlled Russian media outlets are reporting that Pompeo is instead heading to Russia to meet with Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov, and that they might be joined by Vladimir Putin.

That’s right, Trump’s most personally loyal diplomat is blowing off a crucial summit so he can instead run to Moscow and huddle with the Russian government a day before Robert Mueller is set to publicly testify about the Trump-Russia scandal. We don’t know what they’ll discuss or plot during this meeting, but there’s not much mystery as to why they’re meeting.

So what is this last ditch Trump-Russia treason meeting likely to accomplish? We’ll see. Maybe they’ll try a distraction, or try announcing some phony new scandal about the Democrats. The one given, though, is that there is no way for them to stop Robert Mueller from testifying – and it’ll be one of the biggest television events of the decade.

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