Donald Trump runs out of gas

Donald Trump held a rally in Orlando last night, during which he kicked off his 2016 campaign. No wait a minute, that can’t be right. This is 2019, and he’s supposedly running in the 2020 election. Yet Trump spent the bulk of his kickoff speech last night ranting and raving as if he’d somehow stepped into a time machine.

Donald Trump couldn’t stop talking about Hillary Clinton last night. He mentioned her so many times, you’d think she was running again in 2020. Trump kept dishonestly and incoherently ranting about her emails, as if they were in any way relevant to the 2020 election. But it wasn’t just that Trump is still hung up on old grievances.

Trump’s real problem last night was that he tried to position himself as a political outsider who bears no connection to anything that’s played out over these past few years. Granted, he has no accomplishments, so it’s not as if he can talk about what he’s done since he took office. But he can’t get away with simply recycling his 2016 speeches as if he were still a challenger instead of an incumbent.

That kind of crap might work on Donald Trump’s mesmerized, braindead, drooling base – the ones who show up to his Klan rallies. But it won’t get him the votes he needs outside his base. Trump managed to fool a lot of gullible, clueless, and stupid (but not deranged) people into voting for him in 2016. Even they know that when you run for reelection, you’re supposed to be talking about your accomplishments, not about your former opponent’s emails. Trump appears to only have his idiot base left, which would explain his historically putrid 2020 poll numbers. Trump is out of gas.

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