Donald Trump is running scared

Donald Trump and his supporters want to scare voters into believing that Joe Biden is too old to be the next President of the United States. In fact, according to the Associated Press, the Trump campaign has spent more money on TV spots attacking Biden for lacking “strength, stamina and mental fortitude” than any other message this year. Given Biden’s consistently impressive appearances lately, this whole strategy is quickly imploding, leaving Trump and his cheerleaders looking like fools.

Earlier this month, Sean Hannity spoke with former White House physician Dr. Ronny Jackson and Trump campaign senior advisor Mercedes Schlapp on Fox News about Biden’s “dazed and confused” mental state. Hannity zeroed in on a particular gaffe that was actually a stutter, unrelated to mental fitness and something which Biden has been quite open about having. Hannity and his guests proceeded to mock Biden for it, repeating his words in an exaggerated stammer.

Then, after Biden delivered a flawless acceptance speech at the Democratic National Convention, many Trump sycophants were so floored that they could only suspect foul play. Rush Limbaugh pushed a conspiracy theory on his show last Friday that “a lot of people” believe the speech was pre-recorded in segments, then sliced together after multiple takes. However, PolitiFact handily destroyed Limbaugh’s claim, rating it “Pants on Fire!”

Even more bizarre, Austin Ruse, who runs the Center for Family and Human Rights and has authored “The Catholic Case for Trump,” reacted to Biden’s speech by privately tweeting that Biden “never had a stutter,” according to the New York Daily News. Ruse later proceeded to dig his hole even deeper, gratuitously mocking all stutterers by tweeting, “W-w-w-w-w-w-what?”

Trump is now running scared to face Biden in the upcoming presidential debates. In an interview this week, a desperate Trump announced, “we’re going to call for a drug test because there’s no way—you can’t do that,” according to the Washington Examiner. Trump’s new deranged conspiracy theory is that Biden acts “close to incompetent, if not competent” but then magically manages to up his game to “normal” when it counts. Whatever.

Biden was not every reasonable person’s first choice during the primaries, but he’s now our solid chance to remove this monster’s chokehold on our democracy. It’s not just that Trump is the most evil and idiotic President in American history who, age-related or not, happens to be displaying alarming signs of mental decline. It’s also that Biden is truly that good, and a Biden-Harris ticket will navigate the United States toward decency, empathy, unity, and prosperity. Biden is more than ready to become the 46th President of the United States, and we must ensure that happens on November 3.

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