Devin Nunes has a new Trump-Russia strategy: run away

Four of Donald Trump’s advisers have already been arrested in the Trump-Russia scandal, and two of them have cut plea deals that should help bring Trump himself down, so a whole lot of people are headed for a bad ending in the scandal. But it’s difficult to find anyone who’s headed for a more strangely bad ending than rogue Congressman Devin Nunes. He’s backed himself so far into a corner that his new strategy is to simply run away.

First we saw Nunes racing to the White House in the middle of the night to give classified intel about the Trump-Russia investigation to Donald Trump’s White House. That got him kicked off his own House Intel Committee’s investigation for several months. Now he’s back with a memo that was supposed to save himself and Trump, but instead only made the scandal even worse for them both. This week he got caught having launched a phony political news site so he could anonymously take pot shots at his Democratic counterparts in the House. So what now?

Devin Nunes attended a farm expo in his home district, and apparently didn’t realize he was going to face public scrutiny for his ongoing criminal attempt at helping Trump to cover up the Russia scandal. When a reporter predictably came up to Nunes and asked him if he had any updates on the Democratic Party’s rebuttal memo, Nunes bizarrely responded “little” and then walked away as quickly as he could. This led the exasperated reporter to blurt out “What are you doing?” Watch the video below:

The cameras followed Nunes down the hallway until he ducked out a back door. After someone closed that door behind him, a sign could be seen that said “Not an exit.” That’s fitting, as Devin Nunes has no exit from the mess he’s made for himself in the Russia scandal.

Bill Palmer is the publisher of the political news outlet Palmer Report