Donald Trump runs smack into the rule of law

It has become clear that Donald Trump is not a fan of the Constitution or the rule of law. Through his many tweets discouraging the work of the FBI and his racist disregard for judges of Mexican heritage, it should be evident that Trump is only in favor of judgments that allow him to make more money. He even pushed for retaliation against the recent Pennsylvania Supreme Court ruling against illegal gerrymandering. It has become obvious that Trump prefers to cheat, rather than follow the rule of law, which has never stopped him from promoting a life of crime.

The United States Supreme Court ruled in 1996 that a line-item veto was unconstitutional as it could prevent bills passed by Congress from being fully instituted in nonpartisan fashion. Considering that the ruling went against then president Bill Clinton, the husband of Trump’s “boogeyman” Hillary Clinton, it seems weird that he’d fight it so hard. Trump even pushed his Treasury Secretary, Steven Mnuchin, to press the subject on Fox News in an interview with Chris Wallace. Refusing to accept the truth, Mnuchin had to be told repeatedly by Wallace that line-item vetos were ruled unconstitutional.

It should surprise no one that Trump wishes to continue his life of crime while occupying the Oval Office. Despite the massive investigation into Trump’s criminal activities currently being conducted by Special Counsel Robert Mueller, Trump acts as if he can get away with any crime.

Luckily for America, Robert Mueller has been working with New York Attorney General Eric Schneiderman to ensure Trump will not only be prosecuted for his crimes but that he will also suffer asset forfeiture. Donald Trump can continue to pretend he’s in control but we can rest assured that this criminal will be properly punished for his crimes, which will likely result in him dying penniless in prison.

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