“Rudy’s an idiot” – Michael Cohen explains how Rudy Giuliani could end up taking down everyone around him

It’s now clear that every aspect of Rudy Giuliani’s shady life is under federal criminal investigation, from the Trump-Ukraine scandal that he spearheaded, to the dirty foreign money that he took in relation to that scandal. Federal criminal probes tend to spiral outward to everyone who might be criminally connected to the target – and that’s a problem for everyone around Rudy.

Michael Cohen, who’s becoming more vindicated by the day, appeared on CNN and revealed why everyone around Giuliani has to be worried: “We have no idea how expansive that this investigation is going to ultimately reveal itself, because Rudy’s an idiot, and that’s the problem. Rudy drinks too much. Rudy behaves in such an erratic manner, that who knows what’s on those telephones or what’s on his computer?”

In other words, Rudy Giuliani isn’t just a criminal, he’s an erratically sloppy criminal – and that’s why there’s such a good chance that he’ll end up taking every one of his criminal associates with him. This is even before getting to the question of whether Rudy will cut a plea deal against everyone around him.

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