Robert Mueller just made another big legal move – and Rudy Giuliani could be the criminal target

Just one day after Special Counsel Robert Mueller posted a Michael Flynn sentencing memo that sent everyone in Donald Trump’s orbit scrambling to try to figure out if they’d been incriminated by name in the redactions, Mueller has made a major related move. He’s passed off a Turkish lobbying investigation involving Flynn to the U.S. Attorney’s office. Considering the timing, it means this was almost definitely one of the mystery investigations referenced in the Flynn memo. So what does this have to do with Rudy Giuliani?

Three days before Michael Flynn cut a plea deal with Robert Mueller, which included Flynn’s illegal work on behalf of the Turkish government, the U.S. government revealed that a notorious Turkish criminal named Reza Zarrab had cut a plea deal as well. At the time, it was easy to parse that this couldn’t be a coincidence. The craziest part of the saga: at one point Rudy Giuliani joined Zarrab’s legal team, and acted so inappropriately, the judge threw him off the case.

Rudy was clearly acting on behalf of the Turkish government when he tried to sabotage the prosecution of Zarrab. This told us that Rudy was obviously on Turkey’s payroll, and almost certainly as an unregistered foreign agent. Because Michael Flynn was also working as an unregistered and Trump-connected foreign agent of Turkey, it’s a given that Flynn knew what Rudy was up to. Sure enough, just a few months after Flynn cut his plea deal and presumably sold Rudy out to Mueller, Rudy suddenly joined Trump’s legal team in an effort at sabotaging Mueller’s entire case.

We’ve long believed that Rudy Giuliani’s fate was largely going to rest on whether he could take down Robert Mueller, before Mueller could fully get what he needed about Rudy from Michael Flynn. When Mueller announced he was ready to sentence Flynn, it meant that Mueller had what he needed. Now we know Mueller has referred the Flynn-related Turkey case for prosecution. No wonder Rudy was screaming around about “sick puppies” and “special whatever” last night.