Rudy Giuliani has midnight meltdown after Donald Trump’s treason with Russia is exposed

Things went horribly, horribly wrong for Donald Trump last night when CNN reported that Michael Cohen witnessed Trump signing off on the Trump Tower treason meeting with Russia, and that Cohen is willing to testify about it to Special Counsel Robert Mueller. Trump’s attorney Rudy Giuliani quickly jumped on cable news to try discredit Cohen, but it went even more poorly than one might have expected. Then, just after midnight, Rudy ended up having a meltdown about the whole thing.

Rudy Giuliani took the position on television that Michael Cohen can’t be trusted when it comes to the Trump Tower treason scandal, because he’s lied about other things. That didn’t go over particularly well, because Rudy’s client Donald Trump is widely known for being a pathological liar. So Rudy then tried to make it about Cohen’s attorney, Lanny Davis. He tweeted “Davis says in Post today Cohen did not intend to deceive. What about Cohen locking in the phones in the desk and then secretly recording the conversation with Cuomo. A Clinton-lie, no shame. The Davis PR formula is destroying Cohen. Michael needs a lawyer.”

We’re not entirely sure what Rudy Giuliani’s babbling tweet is supposed to mean, but we think he just somehow blamed the whole thing on Hillary Clinton. As far as the rest of Rudy’s tweet, let’s just say that it’s less than credible, and less than intelligible. Then again, Rudy had been incoherently melting down yesterday even before the Trump Tower scandal broke.

Several hours before the Trump Tower story surfaced, Rudy Giuliani posted this tweet in which he got the names wrong of everyone he was referencing: “Please be warned that Avenati is becoming desperate since he is being ignored. The Cohen-Cuomo tape makes clear Daniel claim is dead and with it Avenati’s meal ticket. Most media now consider him too much of a proven liar to put on. Any reliance is gross negligence.” Yeah, we’re not even going to touch that one.

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