“Rudy is just the beginning”

This week’s raid of Rudy Giuliani’s home means that the investigation was already at a point where they had Rudy nailed even before obtaining the warrant for the raid. This is simply how federal criminal investigations tend to work; ask the people who have experience overseeing them.

It’s also fairly clear that Rudy is far from the only member of Team Trump going down. After all, federal criminal investigations have a way of following the evidence from one person to another, spiraling outward and taking scores of people down.

If you don’t want to believe us, just ask former Assistant U.S. Attorney Richard Signorelli, who tweeted this: “Earlier this year, some of us in the SDNY legal community had heard that the Chief of Corruption, Ted Diskant, was about to depart the office which I thought was a negative sign as to Trump et al cases being pursued. He’s still in his position. Rudy is just the beginning.”


Skeptics and defeatists within the Resistance are still busy insisting that Trump, Rudy, and those around them will somehow magically avoid going to prison. But the writing is on the wall. These folks were all doomed the minute Trump was declared the loser of the election. Federal criminal probes take a long time to play out, but you can now clearly see how this one is going to turn out.

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