Rudy Giuliani goes ape shit as SDNY closes in on him

In the hours after his Ukraine scandal co-conspirators were arrested while attempting to flee the country, Rudy Giuliani went remarkably quiet by his standards. He posted few tweets and did even fewer interviews. But because he’s an unraveling blabbermouth who now appears to truly believe the deranged conspiracy theories he made up, he’s now going back to doing interviews – and it’s not going well for him at all.

Rudy Giuliani started wading back into the fray by appearing on CNN on Saturday, which saw him claiming not to know about the reports that he’s the target of the SDNY and FBI probe. If the image of Rudy all but literally putting his hands over his eyes and ears didn’t make him look bad enough, he then decided to give another, even worse, interview.

Rudy gave a new interview to major British newspaper the Telegraph, for reasons known only to him. No matter the question he was asked, he simply rambled on about the fake scandal he made up about Joe Biden. Whenever the interviewer intervened, Rudy whined about how he wasn’t being allowed to finish babbling. By the time Rudy was asked a final question about whether his antics are harming Donald Trump’s unraveling presidency, Rudy fired back with “I gave you my answers, do with them what you want” and then he ended the interview.

So there you have it. Rudy Giuliani is going to keep babbling incoherently about deranged fictional nonsense until the day he’s arrested, because he’s so far gone, he honestly believes that doing so will somehow magically keep him from being arrested, or something like that. The question remains whether Rudy has just enough marbles left to cut a plea deal against Donald Trump once he’s arrested.

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