Rudy Giuliani goes completely off the deep end after he learns House Democrats are targeting him

Yesterday, an increasingly frazzled and erratic Rudy Giuliani announced in an interview that he was going to quit Donald Trump’s legal team, only to turn around a few hours later and claim on Twitter that the whole thing had never happened. Today we learned about new trouble for Rudy that might help explain why he’s going even further off the deep end than usual.

House Democrats are investigating Rudy Giuliani’s paid work for foreign countries, as well as his recent attempt at conspiring with Ukraine to manufacture a phony scandal about Joe Biden, according to an eye popping new report from the Daily Beast. This raises all kinds of questions, including whether Rudy has been acting as an unregistered agent of a foreign government – something that could get him thrown in prison as soon as Trump and William Barr are no longer in control of the Department of Justice.

Suffice it to say that Rudy is less than happy about the prospect of being investigated by the House. For instance, he provided this quote for the article in question: “I hope they do investigate me for that because I would resist … and go on a rampage.” The funny part is that he thinks going on a “rampage” would actually help his case.

The reality is that the House is going to subpoena Rudy Giuliani to testify about his overseas antics – and if he refuses to show up, he’ll be held in contempt and thrown to the wolves along with Donald Trump’s other obstructors. Don’t be shocked if the House also subpoenas Rudy’s financial records so it can follow the money trail from foreign governments. The Democrats are clearly willing to take Rudy down, despite his status as Trump’s lawyer, meaning the gloves are off. No wonder Rudy quit yesterday before changing his mind.

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