Rudy Giuliani goes completely off the deep end after learning he’s going to be hauled in to testify

Rudy Giuliani spent yesterday telling various news outlets that he either has, or has not, decided to testify in the House impeachment inquiry into Donald Trump’s whistleblower scandal. Rudy also appeared to claim somewhere in there that Joe Biden is trying to have him killed, so it’s not as if we can take his words seriously. But just enough buzz has leaked out of the House that it’s becoming clear Rudy will be hauled in to testify whether he wants to or not.

Rudy isn’t exactly taking the news well. This morning he went on a rampage on Twitter, calling himself just “the messenger” and demanding that the House haul in “someone named Biden” to testify instead. Then he appeared to criticize the Senate and the FBI for failing to investigate the phony Biden scandal that he invented.

Here’s what’s interesting about the idea of Rudy Giuliani testifying. On the one hand he’d certainly use the hearing as an opportunity to push his increasingly deranged conspiracy theories and lies about Joe Biden, which is the last thing the House impeachment process needs. At the same time, Rudy is now doing so much damage to his own side just by running his mouth, his testimony could indeed help steer the House in the right direction when it comes to turning over the next rock in Trump’s whistleblower scandal.


To give you an idea of just how dangerous Rudy Giuliani is to his own side right now: he tweeted a screen shot of a text message exchange he’d had with the State Department’s Kurt Volker, and less than twenty-four hours later, Volker resigned. Everyone in Trump’s orbit is now one Rudy tweet away from going down. Imagine how much damage Rudy could do to Team Trump by foaming at the mouth for a few hours at a congressional hearing.

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