Rudy Giuliani goes berserk in the middle of the night about someone named “Ben Laden”

Monday was a big enough day without Rudy Giuliani getting involved. Donald Trump botched the Baghdadi raid in a dozen ways. The House announced that it’s voting to take the impeachment inquiry public this week. Then Lieutenant Colonel Alexander Vindman announced that he’s testifying on Tuesday that he witnessed Trump’s entire Ukraine quid pro quo scandal. But then Rudy decided to weigh in after all.

Sometime after midnight, Rudy Giuliani posted a completely berserk tweet that began with “Contrast the reaction to the killing of Ben Laden.” After that there was a bunch of dribble about this being a “teaching moment” for liberals who can’t give Trump credit for anything, and the “pathology of political hate” and… wait a minute, did he say Ben Laden?

This instantly set off a thousand jokes, and the name “Ben Laden” began trending on Twitter as everyone piled on. Someone asked if Rudy was “butt-tweeting.” Someone else asked if Ben Laden was the name of Rudy’s new criminal defense attorney, amid reports that he’s in the market for a lawyer. Of course several people pointed out that in 2012, Rudy’s client Donald Trump posted this tweet: “Stop congratulating Obama for killing Bin Laden. The Navy Seals killed Bin Laden.”

Tuesday will be a very serious day, with the testimony of Colonel Vindman, and a number of other ongoing impeachment storylines. It was nice of Rudy Giuliani to take a moment of his time on his way to jail and offer us all a moment of cathartic laughter.

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